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A note on tube models, knitting in the round and the topology of phenomena

Tube models are frequently used to account for the observed topology of phenomena. The multi-component field topology of sunspot penumbrae is explained in terms of the moving flex tube. See The multi-component field topology of sunspot penumbrae - A diagnostic tool for spectropolarimetric measurements. Entanglements and underlying topology in polymer melts is accounted for by a tube model. See Entanglements and Underlying Topology in Polymer Melts : from Atomistic Models to Entanglement Networks. A simple rubber tubing model is used to demonstrate DNA supercoiling at Using Rubber Tubing to Demonstrate DNA Supercoiling and the Action of Topoisomerases.

In knitting in the round or circular knitting the topology of the human body is modeled in either a single tube (knitting from the outside in or the inside out) or a set of tubes that are subsequently rolled in one after the other.

Knitting in the round is at once a circle and a cycle. See circular. Each tube is circular. And tubes can have tubes causing them to fractal.

This methodology can be employed to produce special types like the möbius strip and the pi shawl The degenerate case is a baby surprise jacket which consists of a single inchoate tube, a warped plane, that holds more warped planes much like an ameoba.

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